a few words about us

Woman Gosport Gym

We are a ladies only facility - yes EXCLUSIVELY** for women

At Gosport Gym, Miracles, we are creating spaces where activity and relaxation come together, you can use our gym and pool for exercise and you can relax in the peace and quiet of our surrounds in complete comfort and get away from the usual hustle and bustle of life.

Our aim is to give you what you want, to help you achieve your goals, through introducing you to the world of activity, teaching you how to get the best from the facilities and yourself and motivate you to success.

Miracles has been established for 20 years and has been Gosports Premier Women Only facility helping hundreds of local women to become fitter, lose weight, tone up, relax and have fun!

You will always receive a friendly welcome - we care about your success.

**except for the low-key swimming courses with the occasional male swimmer

Miracles Fitness is operated under licence by Miracolos Limited, Registered in England & Wales 5925168.

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  • «Feeling better about myself and generally happier. realising I can do more than I thouhgt I couild. I feel fitter and even more committed to losing those punds!» March 2017 Alex
  • «I've lost several inches, my motivation and energy are through the roof. The advice I ahvebeen given has really encouraged me. Everyone has been brilliant!» March .2017 Hayley
  • «I find it easier to use the stairs at work and generally feel better than I have for a long time» December 2016 Rosie
  • «I have lost an inch off my waist - dropped 2% of my body fat - reduced resting heart rate by 8 - lost a kilo of fat. Thankyou Harrision»Feb 2016Lois
  • «Achieved weight loss, feeling much much fitter, feeling I can achieve more than I thought. Know more about food nutrition»December 2016Helen